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Dietmar Kasper


Training Institute for Schools and Companies worldwide

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 I am a teacher at a Waldorf school in Neuwied, Germany. For over 20 years I have been teaching mathematics, physics and offering courses in anthroposophy and Waldorf education for teachers, parents and pupils above the age of 16 years in Waldorf schools and kindergartens. 
Before I became a teacher, I was a master engineer in the research department of a large German company for 10 years.
Now I have started another task called "Teach and Travel".

  I can visit your school/company if you want during my next period  and offer you some of my workshops for teachers, parents and pupils (High School Students). You are free to choose one or more of them.

New program:

What are the basics of Waldorf education? 

                           9 evenings or as a weekend seminar 

1. What does 'education from the child and education for freedom' actually mean? 

2. The rhythm of thinking, feeling and willing in Waldorf education. 
3. The secret of the temperaments. 
4. An insight into the 12 senses. 
5. Initiative awakening learning, in the class teacher time, in the upper school. 
6. The annual festivals, the weekly schedule and the timetable in Waldorf education. 
7. Special features of the Waldorf school: eurythmy, recitation, morning chant, report card, no grades, etc.... 
8. How does a Waldorf school work? 
9. Outlook on the fields of life such as Demeter, medicine, etc... 

 Further Courses:

1. Teacher training for the GA 293 "Study of Man", in the pedagogical conference or as a weekend course.

I did this workshop in various waldorfschools of Florida in January - March in 2020.  

2. What is Anthroposophy and what are the areas of life?

We look at various topics, such as Waldorf education, Demeter culture, anthroposophical medicine etc. 

I did this workshop on Waldorf 100 Festival in Schloss Hamborn 2019, in Berlin on the Anthroposophie-Global Exhibition in summer 2019 and at the waldorfschool Liechtenstein in Oktober 2020.  

2-3 evenings of 2 hours each, also possible as a weekend course.

3. Introduction to Goethe's theory of colors. 

J. W. Goethe himself has described his theory of colours as one of his most important works. This is brought closer to the participant in an insightful way with experiencing experiments. 

This workshop is also possible as a weekend course/seminar.

4. Projective geometry. 

Projective geometry is a modern field of mathematics that can mathematically represent living processes in nature. Thereby thinking is led into infinity.

I did this workshop in different waldorfschools of Florida in January - March in 2020.  

7 evenings of 1.5 hours each, also possible as a week course or as an introduction over a weekend. 

5. Especially suitable for parents of children attending the Waldorf Kindergarten as well as for parents of pupils from 1st to 4th grade: I will discuss with you: "The child development in the first and second seven years of life!" I did this in our Waldorf community and the parents were very interested in this age and they asked many questions. It was a wonderful evening.

I did this workshop in different waldorfschools of Florida in January - March in 2020.  

6. Introduction to the "Philosophy of Freedom" by R. Steiner. (GA 13: Secret Science in Outline and GA 9: Theosophy, are also possible).

7 evenings also possible as a weekend course. 

7. Bothmer Gymnastics.     

A form of gymnastics that was specially developed for the first Waldorf School between 1922 and 1938 by Fritz Graf von Bothmer in Stuttgart, and which still today represents a very inwardly experiential variant of gymnastics.

New: 8. The threefold organisation of the social organism.

History, status quo and possibilities for development in Waldorf Schools/or companies today. Development of a view of R. Steiner's idea of the threefold structure from the Goethean method.

1. Introduction to the subject with a historical overview.
2. First social exercise on the spiritual, cultural life in a Waldorf school/enterprise.
3. Second social exercise on the legal, rule-compliant life in a Waldorf school/enterprise.
4. Third social exercise on economic life in a Waldorf school/enterprise.

This would be the complete program, but it takes 4 - 5 sessions (can be done in half days or evenings). You can either choose everything or we can make a short version for an event.  
Also possible as weekend course/seminar.

New: 9. Can humor save the world?

What is humor? How to get a concept of this word? In a humoristic way we do some funny exercises and improvisations to find a feeling about the humor.                                                 

In addition, if wanted, we talk about the humor in lessons in school or in companies.

I did this workshop with the faculty of a waldorfschool in Florida as a webinar (Zoom) in June 2020.  

This workshop can be adapted to the needs of the customer!

New: 10. Social art = community building!
In artistic activity we develop the basic elements for the social community.
We do exercises to experience 'trust in the other', 'strengthening of one's own individuality' and 'criteria of cooperation in the group'. 

This workshop can be adapted to the needs of the customer!

All workshops will be adapted to the needs of the customer!

Further topics are possible on request.

The chronological order of these workshops are only suggestions from me as to how a course can be designed. They can all be offered on any basis, if your school/company wishes one of them to be shorter or longer. Anything is possible. You can say what you want. It can be offered to teachers, parents and interested students aged 16 and over.


 If your school/company is interested, you can choose a period for my workshops between October and April, depending on your possibilities and my events. The duration of our stay at your school/company depends on how long you would like to do some workshops with me.

With kind regards

Dietmar Kasper
Rudolf Steiner School Mittelrhein, Germany.
E-mail: [email protected] 


The Waldorf School of Tampa Bay, Florida 2020 

Sunrise School Of Miami, Florida 2020

Waldorf-100- Festival 2019, SchloƟ Hamborn 

ANTRO-GLOBAL 2019, Berlin

 Lecture series "School of life" at the FigurenTheaterHaus, Mayen 2020  

 Lecture Series Parent School Rudolf Steiner School Mittelrhein, Neuwied 2020

Liechtenstein Waldorf School Association, Schaan, Liechtenstein 2020

Lectureship in teacher training at the Waldorf teacher training seminar Mayen 2020/2021/2022

Lecture Series Parent School Rudolf Steiner School Mittelrhein, Neuwied 2022